Discovering Detroits Architectural Gems: A Guided Tour

Discovering Detroits Architectural Gems: A Guided Tour

Discovering Detroit’s Architectural Gems: A Guided Tour


When it comes to Detroit, it’s easy to get lost in the city's automotive reputation. But aside from cars, this city is home to some of the most stunning architectural structures in North America. Detroit is a city that embraces the past while also looking forward. Its unique blend of historic structures, art deco designs, and modern architectural masterpieces makes it an excellent destination for anyone interested in architecture. In this guided tour, we'll take a closer look at Detroit's architectural gems.

The Guardian Building

No architectural tour of Detroit is complete without a stop at The Guardian Building. This stunning skyscraper is one of the most significant Art Deco buildings in the world. Its incredible design includes an impressive lobby with intricate murals and an enormous vaulted ceiling adorned with gold leaf. The bank was built during the Great Depression, and it was supposed to inspire people that America was a prosperous nation even in times of financial hardship.

The Fisher Building

The Fisher Building is a masterpiece of architectural beauty, a true testament to the city’s talents. The building was constructed in 1928, and its design is a blend of Gothic and Art Deco styles, with intricate details carved into the stonework. The lobby of the building is a work of art, featuring marble floors, gold leaf finishes, and stained glass windows that let natural light shine through the grand hall.

The Detroit Institute of Arts

Art lovers visiting Detroit must add a visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts to their must-visit list. The museum features an impressive collection of more than 60,000 works of art, including famous works like "The Wedding Dance" by Pieter Bruegel the Elder and "Self-Portrait" by Vincent van Gogh. The neoclassical building itself is a work of art, with impressive design and architectural features throughout the building.

The Renaissance Center

The Renaissance Center is a group of seven towers, known for its modern architecture and unique structure. It was built in 1977 and was once the world's tallest hotel. The buildings are connected by a massive glass atrium where visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the Detroit River. This iconic structure is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. The sleek design of the building makes it stand out among the surrounding buildings.


Detroit's architectural gems are diverse, stunning, and well-worth a visit. From the Art Deco Guardian Building to the modern Renaissance Center, the city's architecture tells a story of its past and present. Visitors to Detroit should take time to appreciate the intricate details, unique styles, and history behind each structure. An architectural tour of Detroit is a perfect way to explore the city from a new perspective.

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