Catskills Bountiful Bounty: Exploring the Farmers Markets of the Region

Catskills Bountiful Bounty: Exploring the Farmers Markets of the Region

Catskills Bountiful Bounty: Exploring the Farmers Markets of the Region


The Catskills region in New York is a prime destination for those who love nature, hiking, and outdoor adventures. But beyond its scenic landscapes and majestic forests, the Catskills offer a bountiful array of fresh produce, artisanal goods, and homemade delicacies that are worth discovering and savoring. The farmers markets in the Catskills are a vibrant and colorful reflection of the local culture, heritage, and lifestyle. In this article, we will explore some of the top farmers markets of the region and what makes them unique and special.

Top Farmers Markets in the Catskills

1. Kingston Farmers Market: This market is open year-round and features over 40 vendors who sell a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, baked goods, and crafts. The market also hosts live music, cooking demos, and kids' activities, making it a fun and family-friendly experience.

2. Woodstock Farm Festival: Every Wednesday afternoon from May to October, the town of Woodstock hosts a bustling farmers market that showcases the best of local produce, baked goods, cheeses, and flowers. The market also features live music, wellness workshops, and a pet-friendly atmosphere.

3. Saugerties Farmers Market: This market takes place on Saturdays from May to October and offers a wide range of farm-fresh produce, meats, cheeses, honey, maple syrup, and handmade crafts. The market also hosts rotating special events such as a corn festival, a garlic festival, and a pie contest.

What Makes the Catskills Farmers Markets Special?

The farmers markets of the Catskills are distinct for their emphasis on locally grown and sustainable produce, as well as their support of small-scale farmers, artisans, and entrepreneurs. Many of the vendors are passionate about their craft and are eager to share their knowledge and stories with customers. The farmers markets also serve as a gathering place for the community, where neighbors can connect, socialize, and share recipes and tips. Additionally, the markets often feature live entertainment, educational workshops, and other activities that make them more than just a shopping destination.


Exploring the farmers markets of the Catskills is a rewarding and enriching experience that allows visitors to connect with the local culture, taste the freshest produce, and support small businesses. From Kingston to Woodstock to Saugerties, the farmers markets of the Catskills offer a diverse and delightful array of flavors, colors, and aromas that showcase the region's agricultural heritage and entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you're a foodie, a nature lover, or a cultural explorer, the farmers markets of the Catskills are not to be missed.

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